Ukraine Constitution Index Page Document Table of Contents

  • [Preamble]
  • Title I  General Principles
  • Title II  Human and Citizen Rights, Freedoms, and Duties
  • Title III  Elections. Referendum
  • Title IV  The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine
  • Title V  The President of Ukraine
  • Title VI  TheCabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.Other Executive authorities.
  • Title VII  Public Prosecution
  • Title VIII  Justice
  • Title IX  Territorial Structure of Ukraine
  • Title X  The Autonomous Republic of Crimea
  • Title XI  Local Self-Government
  • Title XII The Constitutional Court of Ukraine
  • Title XIII  Making Amendments to the Constitution of Ukraine
  • Title XIV  Final Provisions
  • Title XV  Transitional Provisions
    For methodology see: Comparing Constitutions and International Constitutional Law.
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