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Constitutional Background

The Constitution has been adopted on 19 Nov 1976 and was effective since 22 Nov 1976. Revisions occured on 3 Nov 1988, 23 Feb 1989, and 26 Nov 1996.

History and News

  • April 1999: Bouteflika, candidate of the all-important 'Military Security' (SM), becomes President after election fraud.
  • Dec 1996: A law passed by the government-appointed 'Transitional National Council' declares Arabic the official language by July 1998 and the language of higher education by 2000.
  • 26 Nov 1996: Revision of the Constitution.
  • 27 July 1996: GIA announces that their "emir" Djemal Ztiouni was killed on 16 July; presumably, he became a liability for the group after unwarranted terrorist acts.
  • May 1996: Seven Trappist monks who never engaged in missionary work were killed by GIA, two months after they had been kidnapped from their monastery.
  • 16 Nov 1995: Presidential elections won by Zeroual (61%) against Mahfoud Nahnah (25%) with 75% turnout. OAS and UN officials were admitted and judged elections as fair. Public celebrations on the streets.
  • Jan 1995:' National Charter Group' (in Rome) drafts peace plan.
  • Jan 1994: Presidential elections won by Zeroual, the sole candidate.
  • 1993: The military's 'High State Committee' implements former General Liamine Zeroual as ruler after Mohammed Budiaf was assassinated by a member of his personal guard.
  • 1991: Beginning of the islamist's war against the regime.
  • 23 Feb 1989: Revision of the Constitution.
  • 3 Nov 1988: Revision of the Constitution.
  • 19 Nov 1976: Adoption of the Constitution.
  • 1965: Independence from France; first republic under the corrupt and violent regime of the FLN.

For methodology see: Comparing Constitutions and International Constitutional Law.
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