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Constitutional Background

Bulgaria's President Zhelyu Zhelev, as a relatively powerful force, was able to stall the ex-communist government's plan to reintroduce collective farming by calling on the Constitutional Court which then overruled the plan as violating private property rights.

Bulgaria concluded a Europe-Agreement with the EU.

History and News

  • April 1997: Parliamentary Elections won by UDF (52.3%, 137 seats) over Socialists (22.1%, 58), MRF (7.6%, 19), Euroleft (5.5%, 14), BBB (4.9%, 12), and Others (7.4%). Turnout of the elections was a meager 59%.
  • Dec 1994: Parliamentary Elections won by Socialists (43.5%, 125 seats) with UDF (30.7%, 87), MRF (Movement for Rights and Freedom, 5.4%, 15), BBB (Bulgarian Business Block, 4.7%, 13), and Others (15.6%) 

For methodology see: Comparing Constitutions and International Constitutional Law.
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