Constitutional Background

Thailand is a constitutional monarchy. Between 1932 and 1997, Thailand had 15 constitutions and charters and 17 military coups.  The 1997 constitution was adopted after extensive public consultation and lasted 10 years.

History and News

  • 2007: Constitution adopted on initiative of military junta with confirmation in public referendum on 19 Aug 2007.
  • 2006: Interim Charter (an Interim Constitution) drafted by the Council for Democratic Reform after the 2006 Thailand coup.
  • 1997: Constitution adopted. For the first time, the Drafting Assembly was publicly elected. Therefore, the document is known as The People's Constitution.
  • 1946: Constitution adopted. The instrument establishes democratic reform, but only lasts one year.
  • 10 Dec 1932: Constitution adopted. The power of the king is increased.
  • 27 June 1932: Temporary charter signed by king after strong pressure of People's Party. The Charter ends absolute monarchy.

For methodology see: Comparing Constitutions and International Constitutional Law.
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