Constitutional Background

Peacekeeping measures after civil war in the former portuguese colony are currently (April 1997) under surveillance of over 6,000 UN peacekeepers from Uruguay, Brazil, India, Romania, and Zimbabwe which gradually start to withdraw. The MPLA government of President Jose Eduardo dos Santos in the capital Luanda has control over most residents, but the guerillia organization UNITA under leader Jonas Savimbi still holds 70% of the territory including the diamond-rich areas in the north-east. UNITA supports Zaire's Mobuto while MPLA supports Zairean rebel Kabila.

History and News

  • 1994: Lusaka peace accords end 19 years of civil war. 
  • 1992: Aborted elections are the first unsuccessful attempt to end 17 years of civil war between the government and UNITA guerillas.

For methodology see: Comparing Constitutions and International Constitutional Law.
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