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Constitutional Background

The 'Kingdom of the Netherlands' is a constitutional Monarchy.  It consists of 12 administrative provinces as has dependent areas from its times as a colonial power (Aruba, Antilles).

History and News

  • 17 Feb 1983: Thorough revision of the Constitution.
  • 30 April 1980: Accession of Queen Beatrix to the throne.
  • 6 Sep 1948: Accession of Queen Juliana to the throne.
  • 6 Sep 1898: Accession of Queen Wilhelmina to the throne, soon after her 18th birthday on 31 Aug.
  • 1815: Adoption of the Constitution.
  • 1814: Proclamation of Prince Frederic Wiliam as king; foundation of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.
  • 1813: Defeat of Napoleon; return of Prince Frederic Wiliam.
  • 1795: Occupation by France.
  • 1648: The Repulic is recognised in international law in the Treaty of Muenster/Westphalia, thereby formalizing the independence from Spain.
  • 1581: Removal of Philip II from his feudal rights by the "Act of Abjuration" of the Estates-General.
  • 1579: Independence from Spain.
  • 1568: Open revolt against King Philip in some areas of the netherlands.

For methodology see: Comparing Constitutions and International Constitutional Law.
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