Australia - Statute of Westminster 1931 Index Page Document Table of Contents

  • [Preamble]
  • Section 1  [Meaning of "Dominion" in this Act]
  • Section 2  [Validity of laws made by Parliament of a Dominion]
  • Section 3  [Power of Parliament of Dominion to legislate extra-territorially]
  • Section 4  [Parliament of United Kingdom not to legislate for Dominion except by its consent]
  • Section 5  [Powers of Dominion Parliaments in relation to merchant shipping]
  • Section 6  [Powers of Dominion Parliaments in relation to Courts of Admiralty]
  • Section 7  [Saving for British North America Acts and applications of the Act to Canada]
  • Section 8  [Saving for Constitution Acts of Australia and New Zealand]
  • Section 9  [Saving with respect to States of Australia]
  • Section 10  [Certain sections of Act not to apply to Australia, New Zealand or Newfoundland unless adopted]
  • Section 11  [Meaning of "Colony" in future Acts]
  • Section 12  [Short title]
    For methodology see: Comparing Constitutions and International Constitutional Law.
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