Australia - Australia Act Index Page Document Table of Contents

  • [Preamble]
  • Section 1  Termination of power of Parliament of United Kingdom to legislate for Australia
  • Section 2  Legislative powers of Parliaments of States
  • Section 3  Termination of restrictions on legislative powers of Parliaments of States
  • Section 4  Powers of State Parliaments in relation to merchant shipping
  • Section 5  Commonwealth Constitution, Constitution Act and Statute of Westminster not affected
  • Section 6  Manner and form of making certain State laws
  • Section 7  Powers and functions of Her Majesty and Governors in respect of States
  • Section 8  State laws not subject to disallowance or suspension of operation
  • Section 9  State laws not subject to withholding of assent or reservation
  • Section 10  Termination of responsibility of United Kingdom Government in relation to State matters
  • Section 11  Termination of appeals to Her Majesty in Council
  • Section 12  Amendment of Statute of Westminster
  • Section 13  Amendment of Constitution Act of Queensland
  • Section 14  Amendment of Constitution Act of Western Australia
  • Section 15  Method of repeal or amendment of this Act or Statute of Westminster
  • Section 16  Interpretation
  • Section 17  Short title and commencement
    For methodology see: Comparing Constitutions and International Constitutional Law.
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