Saudi Arabia > Consultative Council Finances Statute

    { Adopted on: 20 Aug 1993 }
    { ICL Document Status: Oct 1993 }

Article 1
The financial year of the Consultative Council shall be the financial year of the state.
Article 2
The Chairman of the Council shall prepare the draft annual budget of the Council and submit it to the King for adoption.
Article 3
After its adoption the amount of the budget shall be deposited with the Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency; drawing from it shall be against the signature of the chairman of the Council or his vice-chairman.
Article 4
If the amounts listed in the budget are not sufficient to meet the Councils expenditure, or if there is an expenditure which was not foreseen when the budget was made, the Council's chairman shall prepare a statement regarding the required additional amount and submit it to the King for adoption.
Article 5
The titles and salaries of the posts of the Council shall be defined in the budget.  Tittles of posts shall be changed and their salaries reduced during a financial year upon the decision of the Council's Chairman.
Article 6
Occupation of posts of the 14th & 15th levels shall be made with the approval of the King.  Occupation of the other posts of the Council shall be in accordance with the Civil Service Law and its documents, with the exception of any competition provisions.
Article 7
The general authority of the Council shall lay down the principles of dealing with any persons - not members of the Council - Government officials and others - whose help is sought and the awards they are given.  These principles shall be issued as per a decision by the Council's chairman.
Article 8
The Consultative Council shall not be subjected to the supervision of any other body.  There shall be among the Council's administrative departments a management department for pre - expenditure financial supervision.  The general authority of the council shall assume the supervision of such expenditure .  The chairman of the Consultative Council can request a financial or administrative expert to produce a report on any financial or administrative affair for the council.
Article 9
At the end of the financial year, the general secretariat of the Council shall prepare the final accounts.  These shall be submitted by the Council chairman to the King for adoption.
Article 10
Without prejudice to the provisions of this decree, the organization of the Councils financial affairs and accounts shall be done in accordance with the principles followed when the accounts of ministries and governmental departments are organized.

For methodology see: Comparing Constitutions and International Constitutional Law.
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