Saudi Arabia > Consultative Council Sanctions Statute

    { Adopted on: 20 Aug 1993 }
    { ICL Document Status: Oct 1993 }

Article 1
If a member of the Consultative Council violates any of the duties of his function he shall be punished by the following means:
(a) He shall be censured in writing
(b) One month's allowance will be deducted
(c) He shall be stripped of his membership.
Article 2
A committee consisting of three members of the Council to be chosen by the Chairman shall investigate a member of the Consultative Council.
Article 3
The committee shall inform a member of the offence he is supposed to have committed.  The committee shall hear what he has to say and take down his defence in the minutes of the investigation.  The committee shall submit the result of the investigation to the general authority of the Council.
Article 4
The general authority can set up a committee consisting of three of its members, on condition that they do not include the Council's chairman or vice-chairman, to try the member who is accused of the offence.  The committee can issue the punishment of censuring or deduction of the allowance.  If the committee decides that membership should be taken away, it should submit the matter to the Chairman of the Council, so he can submit it to the King.
Article 5
The imposition of any of the aforementioned punishments shall not prevent any public or private lawsuit filed against the member.

For methodology see: Comparing Constitutions and International Constitutional Law.
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