Saudi Arabia > Consultative Council Membership Statute

    { Adopted on: 20 Aug 1993 }
    { ICL Document Status: Oct 1993 }

Article 1
Membership comes into effect as of the beginning of the Council mandate, which is fixed in the rule on the foundation of the Consultative Council according to Article 13 of the Consultative Council Establishment Act.  New membership shall begin on the date fixed in the Royal order appointing the new member and shall end with the termination of the Council mandate.  In case the mandate expires before a new Council has been formed, membership shall continue until a new Council has been formed, as long as the member concerned has not been stripped of his membership.
Article 2
A member of the Consultative Council shall receive a monthly reward of 20,000 rials and where allowances, bonuses, compensations, privileges and holidays are concerned, shall be treated as an employee of grade 15 without prejudice to his pension payments.
Article 3
A full-time member who was in public employment before his appointment as a Council member, shall retain his grade.  Time spent in public duty shall count towards seasonal salary increases, promotion and retirement.  During his membership a member shall pay pension contributions according to his original employment.  Combining the rewards and privileges of Council membership and job salary and privileges is not permitted.  If the job salary exceeds membership rewards, the Council shall make up the difference.  Where there are more privileges attached to the job than to Council membership, the member shall continue to receive them.
Article 4
In exception of Article 2, a member of the Council shall be granted a 45 day annual leave.  The chairman of the Council shall determine when a member is granted this leave .  When granting leaves or leave of absence, it should be taken into account that this does not effect the quorum required for the convening of the Council session.
Article 5
A member of the Council should be totally neutral and objective in all the functions he carries out inside the Council, and should refrain from raising before the Council any subject relating to a private interest or that contravenes the public interest.
Article 6
A member of the Council should attend the sessions of the Council and its committees regularly .  When an emergency prevents a member from attending a session, he should inform the chairman of the Council or committee in writing.  A member should not leave a session of the Council or a meeting of a committee before its end except with the permission of the chairman of the Council or the chairman of the committee as appropriate.

For methodology see: Comparing Constitutions and International Constitutional Law.
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